What people say 

My life had been destroyed before I started to work on my personal development, I was completely floored. Having recently lost my beloved husband, I was finished. I cut off contact with my family and friends; my business also suffered. Something was badly needed to get my life under control.

Well, it seems that things came along at the right time!!! Through the energy work I did with Beatrice I came closer to my spiritual side and I began to understand what was happening with me. I started to hope that my soul can come out of that really dark place. I allowed myself to be guided and supported, eventually breaking the destructive patterns and negative beliefs. I decided to made peace with the past, let go of what no longer served me and slowly began a new life that was meant for me. After a couple of months, I was able to restructure my business having a noticeable increase in the number of clients. I also got another job which I am very passionate about. My relationships have considerably improved and especially the relationship with my daughter. I learnt so much, I can see and understand myself and her at a deeper level now, I established healthy boundaries that brought calm and harmony in our lives.

My progress continues every day I choose light, love and gratitude. I surrender to the love that  I am and I trust the process! I enjoy my lifestyle, I feel fulfilled, and I feel that I really live again!!

I am very grateful to Beatrice for her total support. I would not be here without her guidance and not be who I have become today.

Christine Habek

Business Owner, Austria

Ruth Bradshaw, Animal Communicator, UK

Angèle Cristina, Relationship and Empowerment Coach, Germany

Marie O’connor, Energy Alignment Mentor, UK


I’ve just had an amazing and mind-blowing session with Beatrice that involved both Human Design and EAM. I am so happy with the understanding of the charts and the knowledge and depth that came out of this. I was thrilled to be able to use EAM to release what I was ready to let go of, including fear and some energetic attachments.

Thank you so much Beatrice for sharing your amazing knowledge, power and energy with me. Thanks for holding space for me and making me feel safe, I truly appreciate you.

I highly recommend for everyone to work with her asap!

Angèle Cristina, Germany

Relationship and Empowerment Coach

Every moment of ‘hell’ in our lives hides a blessing, and Beatrice has the rare gift of being able to turn on the light that’s secretly shining within the darkness.

She listens deeply into what’s true — aspirations and challenges, both — and effortlessly guides her clients into shifting remarkably quickly from what feels stuck to what soon feels free!

f you’re committed to bringing your full, authentic self to the world, you’ll find Beatrice a treasured resource on your path, as I have.

Terry Mandel, Principal

The Terry Mandel Collaborative, San Francisco, US

I have known Beatrice for 2 years when we were training to become EAM (Energy Alignment Method) Mentors. We worked on our own energy and others’ and became wonderful friends. I was looking into my Human Design chart and mentioned it on one of our ‘buddy’ calls, where she responded instantly offering me a reading. WOW !!!!!

Beatrice puts her heart and soul into supporting others to grow, I already knew this. However,    I did not expect to have so much information given to me. A thorough reading that BLEW MY MIND. I understood myself so much better, why I am the way I am and how I can work with that. So many ‘aha’s’. Everything was explained so thoroughly, I listened and made notes and there was no doubt that this was ‘MY’ Human Design. The reading clarified some of the ‘sticky’ parts of my life, I had never gotten to the bottom of before. I am so much clearer on them now.

This session clarified so much for me. I had an afternoon planned after it, but I cancelled everything to just ‘sit’ with what Beatrice had uncovered for me. Truly powerful. It was one of those life-changing readings which stays with you forever. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of doing it. Just reading this reference, I believe it means you are ready for the next step on the journey of understanding who you really are. Thank you, Beatrice, for all that you do. xxx

Marie O'connor, UK

Energy Alignment Mentor

I have learned so much about myself through Human Design. After learning and trying so many different methods, Human Design gave me a clear understanding of who I am and why I do things the way I do. What my strengths are, what my life purpose is, and how to navigate in life based on my own energy.

I have worked with Beatrice for a number of weeks. She is amazing, fully dedicated to her work and clients. I would definitely recommend working with her. She explained to me the chart and what is working for me and what is not, which is so helpful in life, gives you the understanding and the acknowledgement about who you are. No more hitting the wall if something doesn’t work for you only acceptance simply because it is not your way of living life. I am very glad and grateful for the support, guidance, and help I have received from Beatrice, definitely book a session with her.

Judi Doczi, UK

I attended the “Human Design with Beatrice” Webinar and had a follow up 1:1 session with her looking at my family dynamics.

This is such a fascinating subject and made sense of so much that goes on between myself and my two sons and between them. I no longer feel I am battling with the dynamics between them, and I am now able to better recognise what works, and what doesn’t, based on their unique designs. While I know there is still much more to learn,  I already feel much better equipped to support them and to go easier on myself.

Beatrice translates the complexities of Human Design beautifully helping her clients to understand more about their own energy and make sense of themselves so that they are able to play to their strengths and to understand and support those around them more successfully.

I highly recommend working with Beatrice to anyone who wants to know more about Human Design or who wants to understand themselves in a more empowering way.

Ruth Ashton, UK

Energy Alignment Trainee Mentor

Beatrice is someone full of energy and ready to help with a big smile on her face.

She is an excellent professional and extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and her incredible techniques.

I have been lucky enough to have many sessions with her. In each session, she patiently managed to show and empower me towards meaningful changes.

I can’t thank her enough!

Delia C. O. Sanchez, Holistic Coach, UK

I did a session with Beatrice and it was amazing!

I discovered that a story I thought I had resolved was still within me.

Beatrice then took me through some exercises that were aimed at releasing them. I feel in a much lighter place than I was.

She was really easy to connect with and has such an open and warm presence.

Looking forward to working with her some more!

MK, Piatkowski, Catalyst for Change, Toronto, Ontario

Beatrice is an amazing intuitive transformational coach!

I loved the coaching she gave me which helped me, in a very short time, see a lot of my hidden patterns and start transforming them. Not only does she have outstanding skills and tools like transformational coaching, tapping, human design among others, but she is super intuitive and focused on really understanding you and makes the sessions fun and very deep at the same time!

Dania Martinez Parente, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico

Working with Beatrice has been such a huge contribution to my life. I know her as someone who is sparkling and energetic. Just by being herself, she transfers this vibe onto me every time we have a session together. She inspires me to create my life in a way that feels aligned and that makes her coaching really valuable and effective.

With her help, I have rewritten my story about money. Before that, I was running out of money before the end of each month. After her coaching, I manifested increase in my income. I went from living on debt to saving 25% of my income every month.

I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I had tried every diet with temporary success. It was so frustrating why nothing worked for me long term. Beatrice helped me identify my limiting beliefs that blocked me from losing my weight for good. She helped me erase these patterns and now I’m following my food plan effortlessly. I have learned how to calm and center myself so I can meet any situation in my life without turning to food.

Our sessions also get me out of a stuck place with my daughter and deepened our connection.  I have new perspectives to understand better myself and my relationships.

I feel generally happier in life. Beatrice has been wonderful support and encouragement to me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

Galina Manolova, Sofia, Bulgaria

IT Software Developer Specialist

I have had several sessions with Bea, two via phone and one in person. These sessions were very powerful in that I was able to release emotional and physical patterns that had been in place for a long time. One area in which I seemed to be particularly blocked was being able to use the processes that I had learnt myself. There was so much resistance, I just couldn’t do it. We worked on releasing this resistance during a session and the next day I was able to work on my own and have been doing so daily ever since. This was a major breakthrough for me.

Bea facilitates the sessions in a very loving and supportive way. She listens and is open to ideas. She is dynamic and exciting to work with. I have referred several people to her especially when they are having problems moving forward in their lives.

Patricia Callaghan, UK

Stephanie Thompson, Business Coach, UK

Carli Thorpe, Pilates Instructor, UK

 Kay Kirby, Wellbeing Coach, UK

Tricia Stacey, New York, US

Jules Myers, Professional Development Specialist, US