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The Truth of Who I AM


          I AM a radiant magnetic human BEing. I accept and enjoy my unexpected life. I love and trust myself. I AM unique, powerful and invaluable.

          By Design, I’m a 1/3 Emotional Generator. I’m a creator and an experiential learner who rides the emotional wave with courage, building up the momentum with patience. I welcome the signs from my outer world and respond in alignment with my design and my core values, in the process of manifesting my life. I am always connected to Source and to Mother Gaia, knowing that unseen loving forces are supporting me continuously. I humbly let go of everything that is redundant to my progress.  I value altruism, inventiveness and integrity. I follow the Divine Time with ease. I love who I AM and whom I AM becoming.

          I’m here to care and nurture, to support and share my skills, experience and knowledge with those who are ready to listen and are open to growth and expansion.

         I let my light shine bright to let YOU shine bright your light, too. It’s our Divine Right!

This link will take you to the Genetic Matrix website. Go to Services and on the first Plan click the black button Create Your Free Chart. You will have to fill in a form with the 3 unique pieces of information that will never change, which are your date, time, and place of birth, and generate your free chart, which you can download on your device or print off.  Your Human Design Chart is your own energy map that is as unique as your fingertips.

The Chart shows us every archetypal theme of what it means to be a Human Being. It shows us our potential, provides answers to our questions, and gives us full permission to step into our truth, to live an unmasked life, unapologetically in the realness of the authentic expression of our Divine and innate nature.

Please know that you can use this link if you wish to buy anything on Genetic Matrix, I will get an affiliate commission at no extra charge for you. Thank you.