Do you want to find meaning in your life?

Do you wish to bring your unique self into the world?

By the way, did you know that You are UNIQUE?

You are as unique as your fingertips, my friend! You are a miraculous blend of talents and gifts which lie hidden deep inside you since you were born.

Are you open to unveil them? Perhaps you know they are there, but you cannot figure out how to bring them out of the shadows and into the light. So much frustration, pain, anger, fear, disappointment, confusion, sadness! Do you wish to learn how to let all these go?

Would you like to understand how You, an energetic human being, function?

And how to make decisions that are correct for You and make you feel good?

If yes, then look no further. I am here to guide you. Once you start to get in alignment with who you truly are, you’ll feel the shifts inside, around you, in your relationships, you’ll see the impact you make in the world with your unique presence. And you’ll know your life has meaning.

Heal your mind, honour your body, free your soul

Welcome, Unique Human Being

This is a sacred place where YOU can feel safe. You are not labelled, judged or evaluated here. You are supported and you are going to feel that. You’ll get to remember who you truly are, you will recognize and understand what you are and how invaluable and unique you are.

Perhaps you’re here reading this because I was meant to guide and encourage you in this adventure or path of awakening, to quench the thirst in you. Perhaps it’s the perfect time in the process of your evolution for someone to really see YOU, understand you, and hold space for you.

The integrative, powerful and transformative approach that I use will reveal your gifts and strengths. It will help YOU understand your path and how to make strategic decisions based on your unique energetic configuration, so that you can fully embody what it means to be YOU!

I am Beatrice Marcu

Human  Design  Specialist

Energy Mentor

Flower Alchemist

Transformational Coach

Constantly comparing ourselves to others creates the perception that it’s not okay to be who we are. None of us is broken! We are all here to live our lives and grow, continuously telling new stories about ourselves and expressing our inner truth in an authentic way. When we understand ourselves, we can make choices about our lives that are in alignment with our true nature.

I created Mind, Body and Soul Aligned because I envisioned it a few years ago. I am ready to tell and live a new story about myself. I’m ready to share with YOU the amazing incredible truths about us humans, truths that we all know about, deep in our core but we are too scared to unveil and understand, truths that will liberate us from the old paradigm and will help us transcend into the new one based on love, abundance and freedom.

Are YOU ready to receive?

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Do you know we are electro-magnetic Human Beings?

Do you know we are surrounded by this sphere of energy called Aura?

Do you know that this electromagnetic field is generated by our bodies?

Our Aura is the electromagnetic field generated by the energy centres in our body. This field vibrates at a frequency that sums up the frequencies of all over 30 trillion cells in our body.

Knowing our Aura type helps us understand how we are meant to move, act, behave, exchange energy with others and how we interconnect with the environment we live in. In other words, this simple piece of information can explain why we feel the way we feel – even if we think we shouldn’t, why we act the way we act – even if we don’t want to.

This simple information can completely change our lives; it gives us the first remembered memory about who we really are.



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